Print copies of music from Adobe Acrobat Files

I have prepared some music ready printed in Adobe Acrobat format. Simply download these files, print and use them.

Just click on the Backings button above

CD’s recorded by Earsight

Click on Recordings near the top of this page to listen

Free backing tracks available for singers

I sometimes prepare backing tracks for singers who work here. Click on the Backings link above for free downloads

Production music for your videos

Just help yourself to these royalty free pre-recorded tracks to accompany your videos.  

If you can, please let me know if you use one of them and mention Earsight on your video

Print your own sheet music from these free midifiles

Over the years, I have written or arranged a great deal of music.

It might be of use to others so I have put it on the site so anyone can use it. Almost all of it is available to you free of charge.

Click on Backings for your free downloads