Can’t Help Falling in Love

From Russia with Love


Dream Lover

Play Me

The Avenues and Alleyways

My Girl

A Portrait of my Love

Around the World


You Don’t Know Me

Mack the Knife

Hello Again

Quando, Quando, Quando

Cry Me a River

The Night has a Thousand Eyes

Empty Chairs

Little Old Wine Drinker Me

Glyn Morley

GM 2012 Can't Help Falling.mp3 GM 2012 From Russia.mp3 GM 2012 Sway.mp3 GM 2012 Dream Lover.mp3 GM 2012 Play Me.mp3 GM 2012 Avenues.mp3 GM 2012 My Girl.mp3 GM 2012 Portrait.mp3 GM 2012 Around the World.mp3 GM 2012 You Don't know Me.mp3 GM 2012 Mack.mp3 GM 2012 Quando.mp3 GM 2012 Cry Me a River.mp3 GM 2012 Thousand Eyes.mp3 GM 2012 Empty Chairs.mp3 GM 2012 Little Old Wine.mp3 GM 2012 WM Hello Again.mp3