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The Dimming of the Day

In the Arms of an Angel

He Moved Through the Fair

Lisa Lan

Danny Boy


Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Kyle’s Showreel Mixdown

Firework (Power Mix)

Crazy (Full Version)

Bring Me to Life

Big Spender


Come Live with Me

Call Me

Son of a Preacher Man


How Can I Keep from Singing ?

Amazing Grace


Love Never Changes

Fly Me to the Moon


Crazy (Short Version)

I Only Want to be with You

Accentuate the Positive

Kyle Newman

H Angel.mp3 She Moved Through the Fair Kyle.mp3 Lisa Lan.mp3 Dimming.mp3 Summertime Kyle 2.mp3 Goodnight V2.mp3 Danny Boy Kyle.mp3 Call Me Mix.mp3 Preacher Man Mix.mp3 Mercy Mix.mp3 Come Live With Me.mp3 Amazing One Voc One Harm.mp3 Kyle Songbird.mp3 Love Never Changes Kyle.mp3 Baw d How Can I Keep from Singing.mp3 KK Showreel Mixdown.mp3 KN2013 Fly Me to the Moon.mp3 KN2015 Firework Power.mp3 KN2015 Crazy Full.mp3 KN2015 Crazy Short.mp3 Love Never Changes Kyle.mp3 KN2015 Bring to Life Pun Aur Ac.mp3 KN2015 I Only Want to be with You.mp3 KN2013 Big Spend.mp3 KN2013 Accentuate.mp3